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This Kinemaster APK file is completely safe from any Risk. You can download it for free on Android devices. The file is tested from different virus tools and is secure. You confidently download Kinemaster and enjoy video editing tools.



Kinemaster is here for you to edit various video categories with perfection. You can customize your videos with different video editing tools. Chrome key upgrades the background of your video by replacing it with the background of your own choice. Stickers showing different feelings are also available. The colors of your video can be adjusted with color adjustment. You can trim or crop any video to remove any part of it. After editing, your video will be saved on your device by exporting it. Saved videos can be shared with anyone through different platforms. Edited video will be free of app watermark and ads are watched while editing and exporting the video to the device.


Multiple Layers
Multiple Layers
NO Watermark
NO Watermark
4K Export
4K Export
Slow Motion Videos
Slow Motion Videos

No Watermark

In Kinemaster your video did not show the watermark after editing and exporting. Charges are not required for this feature as it is free. Unlimited videos with no app title on them can be edited here.

No Watermark

Unlocked Premium Features

Different Premium features are also unlocked for you. All the custom features can be availed for free on Kinemaster. In premium features, no watermark, ads free, no app charges, and custom chroma key, etc are included.

Unlocked Premium Features

Advanced Editing Tools

You can use tools to edit your clip or long video on Kinemaster. To make your clip brighter than the original, brightness tools are available. Chroma keys with custom background looks are also given to you.

Advanced Editing Tools


1 What is Kinemaster?
Kinemaster is a free application where you can edit your videos with amazing tools. The app is user-friendly and best for beginners and also for professional editors. You can use it for your bussiness projects and also for social media posts.
2 Is Kinemaster available for Androids?
Yes, you can use this app on Androids. To download on Android, visit our website and then follow the download process given at the homepage.
3 How to Download Kinemaster on iOS devices.
You can download Kinemaster on every iOS devices like iphone and ipads.To download Kinemaster, open your App store and search for Kinemaster, now tap on the download button. Once downloaded install it on your iOS device.
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About Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a marvellous featured editing app for customizing videos. You can use different kinds of font styles to add beautiful fonts to your video. The video ratio is adjustable through it and trimmed also. Beautiful backgrounds for your clips are also given. You can choose any background among them to make your clips and videos superb. Video qualities like 4K, HD, etc also offered while exporting any edited video. Your Video speed can be increased from normal and also slow down. Adjust the volume of the video by increasing or decreasing it. Local music can be added to the video and you can be detached from it. Use filters with different beauty levels and make your video splendid to view.

How to Download Kinemaster?

The Download Kinemaster editing app is available for various devices like Androids. Its downloading procedure is simple along with the installation procedure on various Android devices. To start its downloading and installation on Androids, follow the given steps.

  • Move back to Chrome and open our website.
  • Scroll the page to find the download page button.
  • Enter the page and tap the download button to start downloading.
  • As the downloading will be completed, move to the browsers downloads.
  • Locate the Unknown Sources in device settings, allow it.
  • Install Kinemaster and follow on-screen instructions.

Features of Kinemaster

Transition Effects

Transtion effects are present for zooming your video, etc in Kinemaster. Multiple video features are given in this single feature. Along with transition, filters are also applied to the editing video that makes it beautiful. Video ratios are shown in this icon. Choose the ratio to get the video and video frames are also available.

Color Adjustment

Your Video colors can be edited with color adjustment. The graph is shown while you tap on the color adjustment. Adjust the graph scale to customize all colors in videos. In addition to graph scale, you can make the video saturated by increasing the saturation, and video contrast can also be chosen.

Keyframe Animation

With the keyframe animation feature, your video can be rotated to any angle in Kinemaster. Video scales are brought to the original point. To add a new frame around the video corner, multiple frames are given here. Magic in your video can also be added and you can also get various video speed layouts in it.

Stickers Addition

You can count up multiple Stickers to the video. Stickers of different formats are given in the sticker section. You can download new stickers by connecting the application to an internet connection. To add stickers to your video, tap the stickers icon and get unlimited stickers, add from them.

Video Cropping

To remove the redundant material from the video, it can be cropped in Kinemaster. To crop any part of the video, you have to select the video. Adjust the frame and split it. You have to select the split part and tap the delete button to remove it. In this way, every part of your video becomes important for the watchers.

Speed Control

You can create unlimited slow and fast-motion videos with it. To make slow-mo, you have to decrease the video speed from the original. Increase the video speed the get the video in fast motion. Edited slows can be shared on TikTok and other platforms. You will get a million likes on each slow-mo.

HD Templates

You can make the videos best for watching by adding multiple HD templates to them in Kinemaster Mod APK. Unlimited templates are given in the templates section. Go to the related section and add the template to your video by selecting and applying it. Video will become attractive as the HD template will be applied to it.

Sound Customization

Video sound is customizable with different customization tabs. You can increase the volume of your video by increasing the volume. The video sound can be decreased by decreasing the volume. Local songs and music can be applied to the video along with its original sound or the original sound can be removed completely.

Chroma Key

The Chroma key for your video background customization is given in this best app. Record the video in the green background and customize it by adding a custom background to it. Unlimited video backgrounds with different colors and formats are given in Kinemaster. You can apply anyone to your video.

No Watermark

You can export your videos after editing in your device memory without a watermark. Other apps with these features are paid but if not paid their watermark is added to the footage edited through them. You enjoy free customized editing here. There is no watermark representation on its exported video.

No Ads

This application is fully from the ads watching. You have to watch different short and long ads in other apps while and after video editing. But it does not support the ads and you edit your video without watching various ads. You can increase the video saturation and contrast etc without ad involvement in Kinemaster Official.

User Friendly

This video customizing application is user-friendly and support fully to all its users. It supports all the Android applications where installed. It also supports the different variants of PC and IOS. there are no interruption issues after its installation. Restriction issues have been solved in its new update.

Kinemaster Advantages

  • Your videos can be split, etc with it. Local songs etc can be added to videos.
  • Video quality edited through it is premium and unlimited videos can be edited.
  • You can apply unlimited filters to videos. Stickers are unlimited, add new ones.
  • It offers premium output to you for free without a watermark on exported videos.
  • Kinemaster is free to use on all devices. It offers a chrome key for backgrounds.

Kinemaster Disadvantages

  • Kinemaster has no disadvantages as it is user friendly and supports all types of devices.


Kinemaster is available for you to make your video beautiful. No charges are required for its downloading. Unlimited editing tools are supported by it for free. Other apps only allow their custom features after payment but here all features are free to enjoy and use. Modded video customizing tools like chroma key, and custom free sounds. Background remover buttons etc are available. Filters for your video beauty are given in the relevant section, you can set them to your video for free. Show your feelings about the video by using stickers and text like name etc can be added by using multiple fonts given in different styles. No watermark and user-friendly features also make it the favourite of its users.